May 13, 2014

Tubing the Shenandoah River


tubesWhether you want to rent a tube or bring your own the Shenandoah River is a great location for a day of family fun.Even if you bring your own tube you can still pay and go on one of the

river outfitter buses that will drop you off and pick you up at  the end of your trip.The water tends to be calm and if you watch closely you can usually see some fish swim by.Make sure to

take a life jacket as well as lots of sunscreen,it will feel cool but the sun reflecting off the water can lead rather quickly to a painful sunburn. Some people like to take a lunch along and stop on

one of the river banks ,eat and than continue on.One year we passed a group of tubers who had stopped by a low hanging tree branch and were jumping off the tubes catching the branch and

then landing in the water. The challenge then was to catch up to their tube before it disappeared downstream. Either way it looked like they were having lots of fun.One suggestion is before you go tubing have supper prepared at

your cabin so when everyone gets back all tired you can just throw it on the grill ready to go.